Begin Again

In a whisper, things can change – never to be the same again.
In a moment’s notice, life and begin or end.
The choice is up to you, my friend, to begin again.
We turn through the pages of our past, reminded of all the pieces that didn’t last –
Like the intentions we didn’t keep and the standards that we couldn’t meet and the dreams that somehow, slipped away.
So wake up from your anger. Reach out from your disaster and pull yourself from the ashes of your tears. Believe and begin again.
Stand to dust yourself off. Wipe the sleep from your eyes.
Step one foot in front of the other and do over and over and over again.
Rest if you must, but do not give up on yourself.
Cause there’s dreams to be had and a life to be lived and this one is yours. Believe… cause the truth to it all is there’s no truth at all to the answers you’re seeking. It’s up to you now, kid. Lay your demons to rest in one single breath and believe. Begin again.